How To Choose The Right University For You

Choosing the right university is an important decision as you will be attending this university for the next 3-4 years of your life and living in the town/city that the university is located in. Once you have accepted any offer the university has made you it may be beneficial for you to find medical and dental services in your local area.

For example, if you are moving from a dentist in Solihull to another dentist across the country, it would be beneficial for you to get in contact with the dentist you are moving from so that they can pass on your patient information more easily. You can enhance your student experience by ensuring that you do your research on the following:


Picking a university that is in a town or city you would be interested in living in for the duration of your degree is an important consideration to make. This largely depends on what you want from your university experience, if you are a party person living in a bigger city is likely the right decision for you to make as there are going to be more bars and clubs to choose from. However, if you are really into nature you may want to pick a university that is further away from bigger cities so that you can easily access hiking walks near where you live. If you are still not sure why not have a look at what students have said about living in particular towns and cities on online forums such as Student Room?

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Cost Of Living

Prices vary across the country, you might be able to buy a pint in some places for £3 but in other places, you find that you can’t find one for less than £6. It’s not only the cost of your shopping that will be affected by your location but also your rent. With monthly rent being over double the cost in London vs. Manchester. It is definitely worth considering if your finances can stretch if you live in a location that is more expensive. If you currently have dental braces or are considering getting them whilst you are a student, it is worth noting that the location you live in will affect your dental bills. If you have moved to Milton Keynes dentists have online reviews showing you past patient experiences.

University Rankings

Picking a university that performs well in the university rankings, such as a university in the Russel Group can make your degree stand out from other people who have attained degrees from universities that were lower down on the ranking table. Having a degree from a higher-ranking university can help make you stand out when you start applying for jobs after graduating from university.

Course Content

Course content varies from university to university, even if the course names are exactly the same. This is why doing your research and making sure that you are happy with what your course will be covering in advance will be highly beneficial to you later down the line. It may be beneficial if you can find graduates online who have studied the course that you are interested in studying yourself in the future. This will give you an idea about how satisfied they were studying the course at that particular university. If you tend to find a lot of negative comments about certain courses, it may be best to reconsider your options.

Attend Open Days

Attending open days allows you to possibly visit the university or location that the university is in for the first time. From this, you will be able to check if you would actually want to live and study there until you have graduated from university.


Choosing the right university for you requires you to make sure you have done your research to ensure that you would not only like the degree you are studying but also the location that you are studying.