Programmer – Profession, Work, Earnings. How to Become a Programmer?

Programming is becoming a more and more popular profession. It’s successful due to two main reasons: programmers are needed in many areas of expertise and they just earn decent money. But how to become a programmer?

What does a programmer do?

The main task of computer programmers is to write and test codes and scripts, which are prepared in order to allow computer software and applications to work correctly. Being a programmer also means modifying the written codes in order to either fix previous mistakes or make the program work more efficiently.

Sometimes, programmers are also hired in order to find errors in codes they didn’t write. They might be also responsible for creating a technical guide for a program they either wrote or fixed.

How to become a programmer?

Becoming a programmer might be a hard task, but it’s not a tricky path – it just requires some dedication and time. One either has to learn programming at the university and get a bachelor’s degree or just learn different programming languages at home. While the first way is time-consuming and it literally takes years to become a programmer, the second way might be faster, but at the same time – it’s harder.

Both solutions, however, might let one start a career in programming. In order to work as a programmer, one just has to apply for the job they have a specific set of skills. A good programmer’s CV should contain information not only about professional experience (if the candidate has any) but also about finished courses and programs one knows. It’s good to keep in mind, that while working in the industry previously is definitely an asset, in many cases it’s not a requirement.


What should a developer’s Resume / CV look like?

First of all, experience. List the projects you’ve done. Secondly, skills, list the programming languages and tools (software) you use. What should a legible CV look like? Check the examples of available CV templates – download free resume templates –

How much do programmers earn?

The earnings of a programmer are mostly dependent on their knowledge, experience, and the programming languages they know. Even though we can’t provide specific numbers, it’s a safe bet to say, that they earn more than most of the people in various jobs. Obviously, managers or directors are usually paid better, but a regular corporate worker won’t make as much.

Is programming a good job?

If one is interested in programming, and likes solving riddles and finding new solutions, programming is a great career path. Not only can it give lots of satisfaction, but simply allows one to earn a decent amount of money.

Becoming a programmer is not a hard task for someone determined and interested in this field. One should learn the new skill thoroughly and try to find the fields, which they find most interesting: this way becoming a good programmer will be only a matter of time!